Welcome to ART 186 – Layout Design 1

Understanding what you see
Design is everywhere. We are bombarded daily by type, color, images and layers upon layers of both established and created meaning– we see messages even if we don’t read or fully process them. The ability to visually solve problems is what defines graphic design, and its effectiveness is measured by a designer’s ability to convey the message they seek to send through a variety of channels including logos, posters, advertisements, brochures, etc. In this class we will examine how to think and create digital layout as a graphic designer.

Today’s agenda

Course Overview

  • Introduction, course overview/expectations, procedures/policies.

Layout discussion and examples

Defining Layout

To solve any graphic design problem, a designer must conceive an idea and realize it visually. The designer must create, select, and organize visual elements in order to create effective communication. A layout is the arrangement of type and visuals on a printed page or digital page, and concerns the organization and arrangement of type and visuals on two-dimensional surfaces to create effective communication.


Adobe InDesign CS6

  • Tutorial – Review of Adobe InDesign: interface, tools, menus, importing images, type tool


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