Critique Project 1

Please provide feedback in the comments area below gallery, or use Word to comment and critique our first project. Please complete before class next Saturday.

Does the poster effectively use the DesignPrinciples? Yes or No?, describe which ones are used and why they are effective? where could ones be improved?

How well did the individual incorporate the use of  Typography? Are typography rules used? (refer to other posts about typography on this blog for help)

Does the poster show all twenty-six alphabetic characters in upper- and lower-case, plus numerals 0-9?

Overall does it “show” off the font characteristics and utilize good layout? (refer to this Layoutprimer)

For additional ideas…Read over the following sites to get ideas on critique questions to answer:

Tony critique and give feedback to Elizabeth

Elizabeth critique and give feedback to Dana

Dana critique and give feedback to TJ

TJ critique and give feedback to

Matt critique and give feedback to Brenda

Brenda critique and give feedback to Andrew

Andrew critique and give feedback to Tom

Tom critique and give feedback to Dayna

Dayna critique and give feedback to Chris

Chris critique and give feedback to Tony


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