Setting up a Modular Grid

Tutorial on – Setting up a Modular Grid in Adobe InDesign CS6. Click here to follow steps.




One thought on “Setting up a Modular Grid

  1. To Kevin,
    I made the necessary corrections to the Project 1 assignment feedback you gave me on Saturday. The left side of the pyramid was made smaller, but still in perspective to the others. I replaced the triangle type with the original Regular format that you first saw two weeks ago. Actually, it was never gone from the InDesign file in the first place. It was on a separate layer, but “invisible”. That was the original plan “A” that became plan “B”. I also nudged the type in question so that it is equal distant along the invisible margin within the poster. Likewise, I made additional corrections to the pyramid that we discussed by nudging it after making the side smaller.

    The corrections can be seen in a new folder file in my DROP BOX…titled:
    AdamoT_Project 1_ALTERNATE POSTER.

    Not only did I include the Indesign file, but also a PDF file as well.

    Did you want me to bring a new printed semi-gloss print with me to class on Saturday, February 23 to give to you.

    Will the changes affect my grade for this project?

    Tom A.

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