Today’s Class

Hi Everyone,

Today’s class is cancelled. Sorry for the late notice, but I have strep throat (which my wife passed on to me) and won’t be able to attend class. Please use lab hours today and later during the week to continue your second project.

It will NOT be due at the start of class next week. Check back to the class site later in the week for any updates.


One thought on “Today’s Class

  1. Sorry to hear that you have Strep. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Just to let you know, but I was the first one in class today and ran into Marlene as she was putting up the “pink” notice to let us know there was no class. However, I had to clear myself out of the class room because since there was no class, she did not want anyone in the room. As soon as I gathered up my things, she checked over the class room and locked door and went back to her office. So, there wasn’t any lab hours today either. I guess she felt responsible and that there is a campus policy not to leave the room open on Saturdays when a scheduled class is cancelled for the day.

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