UPDATE – Web Portfolio Project

Hey everyone,

With the many HTML and CSS issues that have been affecting the development of our sites I’ve decided to alter the project somewhat.

Here’s what I need you to do:

Take your existing PSD designs and modify the layout in Photoshop so it fits the DEMO Chris Spooner Portfolio site we looked at earlier. Think in terms of the placement: logo, header, nav bar, content, portfolio, etc. Use the exact layout (placement) from this demo site, but using your designs, colors, etc.

This will make development of your website portfolio easier to create.

I’ll supply you with the basic HTML and CSS files needed later this weekend, but you’ll have to modify these.

Download Komodo on your computer if you want to work at home. If not, you only have the remaining dates Dec. 5th. We can work together on the 5th.

I created an example (visuals) that I’ll post later Sunday or Monday to review these changes.

If, you don’t what to make these changes then you can continue using some of the resources I have provided, or browse the web and find other sites that might help.

Email me questions.



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