Concepts covered thru Week 14

The following materials below are provided to review topics we covered during our class thru week 14:

  1. RGB VS. CYMK Color Modes
  2. 8 bit VS. 16 bit color files in Photoshop
  3. Photoshop Cs6 Review (Interface, Tools, Options, Layers)
  4. Adobe Camera RAW Interface
  5. Digital Restoration & Retouching
    • Healing Brush
    • Spot Healing
    • Clone Stamp
  6. Compositing Photo Techniques with Photoshop
    1. Quick Selection Brush
    2. Refine Edge Tool
    3. Channel Information for Selections
    4. Layer Styles
    5. Removing Fringe
    6. Lighting (Atmospheric Effects)
    7. Compositing with HDR
    8. What are Channels?
      • RGB Composite
      • Alpha Channels
      • Load Channels as Selections
      • Luminance Based Selections
      • Saving Selections from Channels
      • Split, Merge Channels, Apply Image and Calculations
    9. Combining Digital and Traditional Media together for Photo Manipulation and Digital Photography
      • Using Textures (Taking Photos, or Scanning real materials and finding these online)
      • Brushes (Using brushes, finding these online, creating your own high resolution brushes)
    10. Actions
    11. Color Grading in Photoshop
    12. Art Project Ideas: A Guide to Subject Matter Selection
    13. Developing Ideas and Themes in artwork
    14. Creating multiple artworks based on a theme

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