Project 3

Directions – s15_146projects See Project 3 for general overview of our 3rd project.

Project 3 Branding Choices

Invent a Company name

Choose a product or service and invent a name for it. The name should be appropriate and communicate the brand’s personality. Answer the following creative brief questions

Logo Design Brief

Company Name:

What do they do?

Who are their customers/demographic?

How they want people to view their company?

List 3 adjective that would describe the new logo design?

How the logo will be used (print, web, t-shirts, signs, etc; functional requirements)?

Competitors (list three)?


Food Truck branding

‘Burger Bro’s’ food truck are touring the USA and need a new look for their logo and identity. They would like a strong and simple brand, that reflects their homemade American burgers and fries! Create a brand style tile to showcase a new logo and accompanying icons, patterns & crests! Consider how the designs will be successful on signage and packaging.

Fruit Fizz

Fruit Fizz is a new fresh and fruity fizzy drink, and need a logo designed packaging designed in time for the launch. It needs to reflect a modern, simple & fun brand, standing out from others on the shelf. Consider how your design will wrap around the can, and make sure the brand name stands out.

Target Audience: Young Adults


Tumtums – Baby clothes with style

A fun, creative baby clothing supplier in Vancouver called ’tumtums’ is looking for a rebrand. They would like something with custom lettering, fun, bright colours and an overall playful appearance. They have used a simple bear illustration in the past and are happy to incorporate something like this into the design. I’ve attached examples of the types of logos they like in terms of style and appearance to help get the creative juices flowing.

Target Audience: Yummy Mummies, young parents, cool parents


Logo for Sausage house

The Chicago Sausage House is a well established restaurant, bar & bistro specializing in homemade sausages and craft ales. They are looking for a new logo to role out throughout the venue and want something fun, friendly, hand crafted and well designed. They want something with a script and bespoke feel to it. Try experimenting with brush pens to create some fluid letterforms.

Target Audience: Young parents, students, creative


Artwork for a Helsinki Hotel

A new luxury hotel opening up in Helsinki, Finland is looking for a young creative to create their new banding. The hotel – owned by two, young Finish creatives – oozes simplicity, style and coolness. They want their branding to reflect what the company itself offers and would like a mini style guide or icon set to go alongside the branding. The name of the hotel is Aki-To. Have some fun with this one and think, clean, sharp, cool and simple!

Target Audience: Smooth, minimalistic creatives.


Oneshot – Coffee machines for kool kids

A new coffee machine has been designed that is going to take over the ‘at home’ coffee market by storm. The design features a simple, one-click, self cleaning design which produces perfect creamy coffee every time. The company is called Oneshot and they are looking for an awesome fun logo design to use across the brand.

Target Audience: Kool Kids, caffeine loving professionals, all round creative


Smith and Johnson – Corporate bank rebrand

Step into the world of corporate graphic design with this brief. Smith and Johnson, located in the heart of London’s business and banking district, are looking for an overhaul of their current branding. Although extremely corporate and with an average customer age of 40+, they now feel it;s time to add a slightly laid back, more creative touch to their branding to hopefully attract a new breed of younger customers. They would like an option of 5 logos to choose from, ranging from simple icon based logos to more custom typographic style options.

Target Audience: Corporate, 40+ wealthy professionals


Eddy’s cut-throat barbers

A 100 yr old family run barber shop in the East-end of London is looking to rebrand and have their branding tightened up. The Barbers is called ‘Eddy’s Cut-Throat Barbers’ and has been passed down through the generations of the ‘Eddy Williams’ family for the last 100 years. They would like a classic, British inspired, traditional logo created using custom lettering or a hand drawn customised typeface. The client is open to suggestions of styles but is ideally looking for something using a serif typeface and a simple, classy yet personal vibe, with perhaps one or two small, fun illustrations to represent the cut throat style blades that barbers often use.

Target Audience: 20-30 yr old super cool, stylish men, into tattoos with slicked back hair!


Rustic shampoo packaging

A Parisian toiletries and shampoo company called SÉVERIN has opened up and is looking for a strong brand identity and logo / label design for its first unisex shower gel. Being based in the St-Remy-de-Provence in the South of France they would like their packaging to reflect this and shine through the label design. They are looking for a fun, yet classy feel (with a touch of vintage France), to appeal to the affluent, young professional. The client loves the designs and style of the artist Ryan Gillett. They feel his abstract, illustrative style would suit perfectly for the company’s packaging.

Target Audience: 18 – 35 affluent men and women


Ice cream logo

Design a logo for an Ice Cream Company called Robinson’s, based in Bristol, UK. Established in 1975, the company is looking to rebrand with a custom hand lettered logotype. Try to incorporate subtle references to bespoke artisan techniques and the city of Bristol.

Target Audience: Ice Cream Lovers, Creative types, young professionals.


Craft ale beer label

Everyone loves a tasty Craft Ale. Even better.. one with an awesome label that stands out amongst the crowd. Search for inspiration online to get the creative juices flowing… and design your own typographic based Craft Ale beer using any fictional name you like!!

Target Audience: Craft Ale drinking creative hipster types – 18 – 35 yr olds.


Logo for a vegan take away company

Leafy Fresh’ is a take away and delivery service specializing in vegan delicacies with fresh, locally sourced, organic produce. They are looking for a logo which reflects what the company is about. Being a family run, small business, with all meals made by hand in small batches, they want their logo to have a similar handmade, natural feel. The client would like a logo that doesn’t feature the obvious hand drawn leaf, as they feel many similar companies have overused this so they would like their brand to be more unique. They would still like to convey a natural and organic feel to the logo but want to show this in the lettering and through the overall appearance of the logo. Think natural, fresh, organic, custom, handmade and earth friendly.

Target Audience: Vegan’s, organic foodsie types and all round healthy eaters!!


Genaro’s Coffee House – Logo Stamp design

Sometimes, in the professional world of design, budgets and time frames can be tight! For this reason, at Orca we often share initial sketches with the client to nail down a direction instead of spending days creating digital versions only to be told that none of them are right! We want you to create a custom branded stamp design for an Italian coffee house named ‘Genaro’s Coffee House’. However, instead of digitalising your artwork, we want you to upload 3-5 initial sketches of how the stamp will look, then after some feedback from the Briefbox community, we can decide which concept you should continue with. This is a realistic scenario, so don’t worry too much about it being perfect, just describe the intended direction of each of your concepts when you upload your sketches.

Target Audience: Coffee lovers and young professionals.

Print Portfolio




Create a print portfolio using Adobe InDesign. Your choices for the binding are:

  1. Spiral bound
  2. Saddle Stitch binding (see example of an InDesign document located on the groups folder Portfolio > Print)
  3. Tape binding

Create a cover, pages for all 4 of our Digital Photographic Imagery with written material; title, credit line, and give insight on how you did the project.

No extra design elements should be used. Just your projects and good layout design!

DUE December 19

Project 3 Resources


Textures and Brushes


Flickr  –  SkeletalMess


50 Free Photoshop actions for amazing photo effects