Moraine Valley Community College
Palos Hills, Illinois

Course Outline
Effective Date: 2012 AUG
Course Identification
Prefix and Number: ART 186
Course Title: Layout Design I
3 Credit Hours
2 Lecture/Demonstration
2 Lab/Studio
0 Clinical
4 Total contact hours per week

Catalog Description
Pre-requisite: ART 146 or Consent of Instructor

Catalog Description:
This art/graphic design studio course focuses on the planning and design of print and digital page layout. Requires the creation of both single- and multiple-page documents detailing document construction, working with images, typography, and custom colors. Fee is required. (4 contact hours)
Major Course Concepts
1. Computer system information
2. Layout
3. Front-end Design
4. Software
5. Input/output devices and techniques/files and storage

Expected Outcomes for Student Learning

General Education learning outcomes
1. Communicating
Read and listen with comprehension.
Write and speak effectively in English.
2. Technological Competency
Use computer information systems and other technology effectively.
3. Literary and Artistic Insight

Understand the nature of literary, philosophical, and artistic expression and how particular works have contributed to the ideas and culture of the past and present.

Course Content Outcomes
1. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the operation of page-layout software’s main features.
2. Use the tools, menus and palettes to create documents.
3. Produce and use basic font types.
4. Import images into a document.
5. Work with text boxes and typography.
6. Create style sheets.
7. Create graphic boxes and work with images.
8. Create custom colors and match specific color palettes.
9. Link text boxes, rotate items, run text around items or pictures, work with polygonal graphic boxes, and group items for maximum efficiency.
10. Produce a portfolio of work that demonstrates the quality and substance of thinking and creative work.

Assessment of Student Learning

A. Typical classroom assessment techniques
X Projects
Group participation
Objective tests
X Studio/Lab performance
Comprehensive final exam
Electronic portfolios
Oral Examination
Research report

B. Required assignments
Summative final examination
Significant writing component

C. Additional assessment information (optional).
Written concepts
Final Exam Project

Note: All general education eligible and transfer courses must include a writing component and a comprehensive final examination.


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